Turn theory into practice and make real, tangible improvements in your health with programs from Chris Kresser. Information has the power to change your life, but sometimes you need a little help.  Changing habits and implementing what you’ve learned doesn’t have to be so difficult. These programs are the result of thousands of hours of research, development, and clinical experience with real people. Take a look at how these evidence-based, simple, step-by-step programs can help you improve targeted areas in your health.



Don’t Settle for Sub-Par Health Are you putting up with symptoms that are cramping your style, zapping your vitality, snuffing out your joy? diet resistant, hard to lose unwanted weight frequent stomach and digestive trouble brain fog, mood swings, anxiety and stress acne, rashes, and other skin problems poor sleep, insomnia, and low energy Maybe…

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High Cholesterol Action Plan

Did your cholesterol spike after you started eating a Paleo diet? Does your doctor want you on a statin? Learn how to treat high cholesterol naturally, without drugs. Chris Kresser will teach you where the truth about cholesterol lies and will guide you through the complex nature of the topic in an easy, understandable way.…

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The Healthy Baby Code

Learn the secrets of natural fertility from Chris Kresser. If you’ve had trouble trying to conceive, it’s time to start eating the foods our ancestors ate for reproductive health. In this course, you’ll learn which macronutrients and micronutrients to focus on, plus how to avoid the food toxins that can be a detriment to reproductive…

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Paleo Recipe Generator

Want to come home each night knowing exactly what’s for dinner? The interactive Paleo Recipe Generator makes that easy with over 700 Paleo meals, with more being added every day! Choose from pre-set criteria like low-carb, GAPS, autoimmune, strict Paleo and more or choose the foods you’d like to exclude, like nightshades or dairy. You…

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