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3 weeks of healthy, delicious meal plans
Whether you are on the Paleo diet or not, these meal plans are full of real-foods and food combinations that help your body function the way it was designed to function. Enjoy three weeks of not wondering what to cook, and give your body some of the best possible nutrition at the same time.

Forum / Community
Moderated by our own Personal Paleo Ambassadors, this forum offers you the support and engagement that makes it fun and easy to change habits, deepen your expertise, and stay motivated. Join others just like you, who are personalizing their diet and pursuing their best health.

8 eBooks

  • Effortless Paleo Weight Loss – How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, without trying, on the Paleo Diet.
  • Paleo Diet Challenges & Solutions – Conquer your biggest roadblocks to thriving on a Paleo diet with these proven strategies.
  • Thyroid Disorders – Thyroid imbalance could be the source of some of your biggest health problems.
  • B12 Deficiency – What everyone (especially vegetarians) should know about B12 deficiency.
  • The Diet-Heart Myth – Debunking outdated myths about a disease that kills one American every 39 seconds.
  • Gut Health – Prevent modern life from undermining the gut flora critical to your overall health.
  • Heartburn/GERD – Dietary changes for curing heartburn and GERD forever – three simple steps.
  • Nutrition for Healthy Skin – Discover the 12 nutrients essential for healthy, beautiful skin.

The 10/10/10 Health Essentials Series
This series is a collection of 30 of the most essential, most popular, and most surprising health strategies everyone should know. Delivered right to your inbox, these short lessons will suprise and illuminate you with some of the most important evidence-based health facts, strategies, and research findings – empowering you to take control of your health.

Get access to our members-only seminars with Chris and popular guests from the medical, nutrition, and fitness industries. Deepen your own understanding and become empowered as they present and discuss up-to-date, evidence-based health topics in a clear, engaging fashion.