Paleo Diet Challenges & Solutions

Paleo Diet Challenges and Solutions eBook cover

There’s no doubt that the majority of people that switch to a Paleo diet notice significant benefits right away. I’ve seen people reverse autoimmune disease, arthritis, insomnia, metabolic problems and so much more in a period of a few weeks.

However, the transition to Paleo doesn’t always go so smoothly. As a clinician with a focus on Paleo nutrition, the people who need my help are those that didn’t get the experience the “Paleo brochure” promised.

Does this mean Paleo isn’t a good choice for them? For you? Hardly. Paleo is a starting place, not a destination.

In this eBook you’ll learn…

  • The three biggest obstacles to Paleo success and how to overcome them.
  • How to teach your body to burn more fat and stop relying on sugar for fuel.
  • Simple steps to take to improve digestion caused by sudden, major dietary changes.
  • Strategies for avoiding energy crashes and, agitation, brain fog and hunger.
  • How to minimize sugar and carb cravings as your body adjusts to a Paleo diet.
  • And more…

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